Choosing The Right Crystal Jewelry

crystal jewelryWearing crystal jewelry is one of the easiest and best ways to experience the healing nature of crystals. With the crystal held against your skin or clothing, in an attractive accessory that you can see and feel all day, you’ll be constantly in-tune with the energy of the specific crystal.

For some, choosing a crystal is easy. They are instantly drawn to the appearance or attributes of a specific stone. For others, it can be hard to know which crystal to use.  If you’ve never used crystal healing before, or you are ready to branch out and try some new crystals, here are some tips to help you choose the right crystal jewelry.

Tip #1: Color Theory

If you’ve never researched crystals before, or you prefer to take a more organic approach to choosing a crystal that speaks to you, you can forego crystal meanings altogether and focus on color. Popular color choices include:

  • Red for the base chakra. Red crystals like garnets and jaspers can make you feel grounded, but also offer feelings of courage and passion.
  • Orange for the sacral chakra: Orange crystals like agate and carnelian help you feel optimistic, energetic, and highly motivated. When used for the sacral chakra at the navel, this color can also help fuel a desire for physical love.
  • Yellow for the solar plexus: Yellow stones are perfect for addressing physical health issues, particularly organ health. Citrine and amber crystals make you feel alert, happy, and healthy.
  • Green for the heart chakra: Many people may reach for the light pink rose quartz for the heart area (which is still a great choice), but a green stone could be just the ticket. Green represents prosperity, success, and stable emotions. Choose a jade or aventurine crystal.
  • Blue for the throat chakra: Blue crystals like topaz or lapis lazuli offer a clarifying, inspired energy. If you want to improve your spiritual path, or feel more balanced in your life, a blue stone could be the best choice.
  • Violet for the third eye: Violet is a very creative color, representing intuition and a sense of connection with the unseen. Amethysts and fluorites can also offer a sense of peace and acceptance in your life.
  • Clear crystals for the crown chakra: Clear may not be anyone’s first choice when going by color, but clear crystals are considered a very powerful option. Stones like moonstone and clear quartz help a person feel highly energetic and purified.

Tip #2: Consider Your Needs

What reason do you have for seeking out the healing properties of a crystal? Depending on what kind of ailment you want to heal, or situation or attribute you’d like to improve or enhance, you can find the perfect crystal with just a small amount of research.

For example, if you’d like to improve your mental concentration, you may choose a sodalite crystal. To improve your motivation and ability to finish what you start, choose a citrine. If you’d like to be more creative, consider a turquoise or an aquamarine.

If you have been going through a period of self-doubt or self-hate, a rose quartz will offer you feelings of love and acceptance. If you’ve been experiencing a lot of anger or jealousy, smoky quartz is your friend. Hematite can help you deflect the emotions of others so that you don’t become sad or overwhelmed when offering a shoulder for friends to cry on.

Jade can help you attract more prosperity and opportunity in your life. Amethyst and aquamarine are both great for attracting more serene calm into your life. Do you wish that you could experience a spell of good things? Try a rutilated quartz to manifest your desires, or an obsidian to reveal what could be holding you back.

Tip #3: Trust Your Gut

Finally, no matter if you are visiting a crystal shop or looking at crystals online, don’t discount your intuition. If you keep coming back to the same image or crystal, it’s probably not because you simply think it’s pretty. Your body, mind, and spirit all know what they need. Allow your gut to choose if you don’t have a specific need in mind.

After choosing the right crystal, choosing how to wear the crystal should be even easier. You can either choose to wear the crystal in a setting that aligns the crystal with the associated chakra (a navel ring for the sacral chakra, for example), or simply wear the crystal in an attractive setting that you are comfortable with.


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